The MICBasketball is organized by AE MICFootball and will be regulated by the rules FIBA, FEB (Spanish Basketball Federation) and FCBQ (Catalan Basketball Federation).

The present regulation describes the modifications of the norms and regulations previously detailed, adapting it to the MICBasketball’20 competition.


U18M |Players born after 01.01.2002

U16M |Players born after 01.01.2004

U14M |Players born after 01.01.2006

U18W |Players born after 01.01.2002

U16W |Players born after 01.01.2004

U14W |Players born after 01.01.2006


No exceptions are allowed in any category


Before the start of the competition, each team must provide the organization with a list of participants with name, surname and date of birth of all players. All players must be identified with a valid federal license, ID, passport or other official document accrediting the age with a photograph.

The review of the documentation will be done before the start of the competition, although if circumstances require, the organization may repeat this review before each game.

However, the data protection document signed by the tutors of each player participating in the tournament must also be submitted before the start.


MICBasketball is played according to FIBA rules, except for the following modifications.


4×10 minutes running time except for the last minute of last quarter and overtime when stop time will be applied. During stop time the clock will be stopped both if a referee stops the game and if a team score. Ties are decided by overtime played 1×3 minutes until the winner of the game is decided.

The clock will not be stopped at 1:00 if the referee stops the game or a team scores with more than 1:00 minute remaining. During all Free Throws and Time outs time will be stopped. Substitutions will be made on running time, except during last minute of the fourth quarter or overtime, when stop time applies.

After time out the clock will be started when the ball is touched by a player on the playing court except if the game is resumed with Free Throws, when the clock will be started after the ball is touched by a player on the court after the last free-throw. Game clock would also be stopped if referee signals for it. Between quarters will be one-minute interval, and half time will be three minutes.

At the U14 Playoff “A” Finals, game time will continue as described so far and at the U16 and U18 Playoff “A” Finals, game time will follow FIBA Rules, except on intervals, that will continue as described previously.


Each team is given one full time-out (60 seconds) and one short time-out (30 seconds) in each half. The time-outs from the first half may not be transferred to the second half. A team may not use more than 1 (full or short) time-out in the last 1 minute of the fourth quarter. In the case of overtime, only one full time-out is given, and time-outs from second half may not be transferred.

The coach must ask to the scorers for time out indicating which one they want to use with the official signal.


Shoot clock will be observed from scorers’ table, with one voice warning when 8 second left on the clock.

No visible device will be available, except in Finals if device is available at the arena.


On U14 ball won’t be touch by referee after a team score or after a violation. Referee will touch the ball after foul, substitution, time out, or in the case the player tries to do the throw in at wrong place.

On U16-U18 ball will be checked unless the referee considers it unnecessary.


Each participating team will provide a roster of players to the organization in the weeks leading up to the MICBasketball. Each team must present 5 to 12 players in each game. No game will start with less than 5 players.

A player may participate in different categories with the same club, as long as they comply with the age regulations. If there are two teams in the same category, a maximum of two players who are not in the initial roster will be able to participate in a match. In the second phase those belonging to rosters of the final phase will not be able to participate in the consolation phase in any case.


All players registered in the score sheet must participate in the game. There is no minimum time to be played. In case this rule is not observed by a team the result will be a lose by forfeit. Substitutions will be done through a point close to the scorers table, on a legal substitution opportunity, after communicating the request to the table officials. The substitute can’t enter the court before the player has left the court.

A legal substitution opportunity, as described on the FIBA rulebook, is available for both teams after a referee blow the whistle and the ball goes dead, and for the team receiving a basket during the last two minutes of the last quarter and overtime. The referee will not call for a substitution, nor hold the ball or delay the game during substitutions. Penalty for incorrect substitution (unproper place or moment to enter the court): First time official warning, second time B-technical foul.


Organization will provide the Game Ball, and 2 Nike balls per team for the warm up. Size will follow FIBA rules.


Each club is obliged to bring, at least, two numbered game kits or a kit and a set of numbered bibs. All shirts must be properly numbered, and the numbers must match with the team list. It is recommended that the player wear the same number throughout the competition.

Teams will wear the first official kit of the designated club before the start of the competition. If the kit of both teams matches in colour or the referee determines that could be confusion, the team that exercises the visitor status (mentioned second in the competition’s calendar) will change their uniforms.


Team rosters should be left no later than 15 minutes before games. If a team has not appeared 5 minutes after a game’s starting time, the present team wins by forfeit (20-0).


The organizing committee reserves the right to make changes in the game program, both in terms of schedules and game tracks. Information on changes, if it’s the case, will be communicated to the team manager.


The MICBasketball will be played in two rounds: a first Classification Round, in which the teams will be divided into groups and play a one-round league system; and a Final Round or Consolation Round, depending on their position in the Classification Round. In both cases it is about knockout, so only the winning team will advance.

Each participating team will provide a roster of players to the organization in the weeks leading up to the MICBasketball. A player may participate in different categories with the same club, as long as they comply with the age regulations. If there are two teams in the same category, a maximum of two players who are not in the initial roster will be able to participate in a match. In the second phase those belonging to rosters of the final phase will not be able to participate in the consolation phase in any case.


Won match: 2 points

Lost match: 1 point


In case of equality in the Classification Round between two or more teams, the following order will be followed to establish the standings:

1- Qualifying points achieved in the matches of the teams involved.

2- Basket average among the teams involved.

3- Basket general average.

4- Points scored in the matches of the teams involved.

5- Total points scored in all the matches.

6- Youngest team


Any disqualified player, team member or coach may not participate in the next game. This situation will be reported to the organization on the score sheet or complimentary report and will be analyzed following the protest procedure.


Protests must be written and left with the court coordinator in the arena no later than 15 minutes after the game by the head coach. No other person will be authorized to fill in a protest. The jury’s decision cannot be overruled. Decision will be announced before the start of the following round in the tournament. Members of the tournament jury:

  • Tournament Director
  • Category Manager
  • Head of Referees

Questions during the tournament will be answered by the court coordinator and/or by the tournament direction. You can contact by email at


Delegates are responsible for their players in case of damage to locker rooms, hotels, buses or other facilities. Silence in the hotels must be respected between 11pm and 8am. The schedule of meals established by the managers of the hotels must be respected too. It is forbidden to travel in the transport of the organization without a T-shirt. The entry of alcohol or other substances not allowed by children under 18 into the rooms is prohibited.

The breach of any of these rules by a player, coach or accompanying can be grounds for expulsion from the tournament.


All clubs / teams must have their players insured on and off the courts. All participants must have a health card or private insurance. AE MICFootball is not responsible for the possible damages and losses of participants such as the loss of personal belongings (due to theft or other circumstances) or injuries. Neither will he be responsible for the measures taken by public authorities or transport companies, such as strikes, cancellations, etc. The club, at the time of requesting registration, states that their players are physically fit for the event. The organization declines any responsibility for the damages that participants may cause during and after the competition, both to themselves and to third parties.


All participants will be required to fill out the data protection form, having it signed by the legal representative and deliver it to the organization before the tournament. Through this, you will give consent for the processing of the data.

Participation in the event authorizes AE MICFootball to use any graphic reproduction of the participants during the tournament.


Any circumstance that has not been reflected in the regulation is the exclusive competence of the organization’s managers, whose decisions cannot be appealed, reserving the right to add, modify, interpret and apply the rules according to their criteria and the needs of each tournament. AE MICFootball reserves the right to modify these rules for the benefit of the competition.

All modifications made to this regulation will be communicated in writing to the club manager | participating team.

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